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Industry-Based ToDo Alliance Wants To Guide FOSS Development

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 jralls (537436) writes The New York Times broke a story [Monday] (paywalled if you look at more than 10 stories a month) about ToDo, "an open group of companies who run open source programs" [..] View

WSJ Reports Boeing To Beat SpaceX For Manned Taxi To ISS

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 PvtVoid writes The Wall Street Journal reports (paywalled) that NASA is poised to award a key contract for manned transport to the International Space Station to Boeing over rival SpaceX: "Recent [..] View

New Release of MINIX 3 For x86 and ARM Is NetBSD Compatible

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 An anonymous reader writes MINIX 3 is a small POSIX-compliant operating system aimed at high reliability (embedded) applications. A major new version of MINIX 3 (3.3.0) is now available for download a [..] View

Browser To Facilitate Text Browsing In Emergencies

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "Programmers at Fast Company are developing the Cosmos browser to allow text browsing from Android phones when networks are buckling under the load of local disaste [..] View

Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Ronin Developer writes Apple has listened to the complaints of those who object to having received a pushed copy of U2's latest album as part of their recent campaign. While nobody has been charged fo [..] View

Quickflix Wants Netflix To Drop Australian VPN Users

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 ashshy writes 200,000 Australian residents reportedly use Netflix today, tunneling their video traffic to the US, UK, and other Netflix markets via VPN connections. A proper Netflix Down Under service [..] View

Tim Cook Says Apple Can't Read Users' Emails, That iCloud Wasn't Hacked

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Apple CEO Tim Cook insists that Apple doesn't read -- in fact, says Cook, cannot read -- user's emails, and that the company's iCloud service wasn't hacked. ZDNet presents highlights from Cook's lengt [..] View

Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes A new article in Fast Company suggests tech CEOs want employees with liberal arts degrees, because those graduates have critical thinking skills. Meanwhile, a new art [..] View

Developing the First Law of Robotics

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 wabrandsma sends this article from New Scientist: In an experiment, Alan Winfield and his colleagues programmed a robot to prevent other automatons – acting as proxies for humans – [..] View

New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 HughPickens.com writes: Reuters reports that plans for a major rewriting of international tax rules have been unveiled by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that could e [..] View

Apple Edits iPhone 6's Protruding Camera Out of Official Photos

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Sockatume writes: If you've been browsing Apple's site leading up to the iPhone 6 launch, you might've noticed something a little odd. Apple has edited the handset's protruding camera out of every sin [..] View

Astronomers Find Star-Within-a-Star, 40 Years After First Theorized

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 derekmead writes: After 40 years, astronomers have likely found a rather strange celestial body known as a Thorne–Zytkow object (TZO), in which a neutron star is absorbed by a red supergiant [..] View

Micron Releases 16nm-Process SSDs With Dynamic Flash Programming

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Lucas123 writes: Micron's newest client flash drive line, the M600, uses its first 16nm process technology and dynamic write acceleration firmware that allows the flash to be programmed as SLC or MLC [..] View

FBI Completes New Face Recognition System

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Advocatus Diaboli writes: According to a report from Gizmodo, "After six years and over one billion dollars in development, the FBI has just announced that its new biometric facial recognition so [..] View

NASA's Manned Rocket Contract: $4.2 Billion To Boeing, $2.6 Billion To SpaceX

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 schwit1 writes NASA has chosen two companies to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station, and those companies are Boeing and SpaceX. This decision confirms that SpaceX is ready to [..] View

Digia Spins Off Qt As Subsidiary

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 DeviceGuru writes: Following through on an announcement from August, Digia has spun off a subsidiary called The Qt Company to unify Qt's commercial and open source efforts, and debuted a low-cost plan [..] View

The Case For a Federal Robotics Commission

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 New submitter hmcd31 writes: In a new paper for Brookings' series on the future of civilian robotics, University of Washington Law Professor Ryan Calo argues the need for a Federal Robotics Commission [..] View

What To Expect With Windows 9

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 snydeq writes: Two weeks before the its official unveiling, this article provides a roundup of what to expect and the open questions around Windows 9, given Build 9834 leaks and confirmations springin [..] View

Why Is It Taking So Long To Secure Internet Routing?

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 CowboyRobot writes: We live in an imperfect world where routing-security incidents can still slip past deployed security defenses, and no single routing-security solution can prevent every attacks. Re [..] View

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet 32GB 4G LTE Now Available To Pre-Order For $399, Ships September 30

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 There's a new SHIELD tablet coming to town, and this one wields 32GB of built-in storage and 4G LTE connectivity certified on AT&T's high-speed network. That's twice as much storage as the Wi [..] View

VESA Announces DisplayPort 1.3 With Higher Bandwidth, 5K Monitor Support

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Many companies haven't even introduced 4K displays with their own logo on them yet, and we're already looking ahead to what's next. That's typical for the tech space, but 5K displays seem closer than [..] View

Atari Minimum ‘Minimalistic Stylized’ Multiplayer Shooter Comes To Steam

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Yes folks, Atari is still around, and though it's no longer the same company that brought us the iconic Atari 2600 game console in the late 1970s, the brand is still involved in gaming. Atari's lates [..] View

195,000 iPhone 6s Board A Plane From China To Alaska U.S., You Are Now Free To Move About The Country

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 There's a lot of attention paid to the manufacturing side of devices like the iPhone, though rarely does anyone take the time to share shipping details. Sounds pretty boring, right? It would be, exce [..] View

Latest Google Transparency Report Shows 150 Percent Increase In Government Data Demands

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 We already know that Uncle Sam is keeping tabs on us, or at least those of us who might trigger a red flag for one reason or another. The question is, to what degree? We might never know the full ans [..] View

Windows 9 Cometh? September 30th Windows Event In San Francisco Confirmed

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 There's been a great deal of Windows 9-related news this past week, but now, we have what's sure to be the most interesting: September 30th will be when we get our first real preview of what's coming [..] View

Microsoft Universal Keyboard Doesn't Discriminate, Works With Windows, Android and iOS

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Mobile Bluetooth keyboards are a dime a dozen, but mobile Bluetooth keyboards that come from Microsoft and support Android, iOS, as well as Windows, are far less common. But that's [..] View

Micron's New M600 SSD Offers 16nm NAND, Dynamic Write Acceleration

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Earlier this year, Samsung made major waves with the introduction of its 850 Pro SSD and the first commercial iteration of 3D stacked flash memory. Now, Micron is striking back with lower-geometry co [..] View

Lowest Price Ever On Lenovo Multimedia Remotes; Plus One Day Only Deals On Amazon Headphones, Logitech Keyboards And More

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Welcome back to the latest installment of HOT deals, courtesy of our friends at LogicBuy. On tap for you all today, we have deals on the Lenovo Enhanced Multimedia Remote N5902, a Dell XPS 8700 Core [..] View

Research Shows Violent Video Games May Reduce Real Life Violent Crime Rate

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 For about as long as video games have existed, so too have the folks that have tried very hard to pin the blame of any increased violence on them. That's despite the fact that there's never been docu [..] View

Netropolitan Is Facebook For The Rich, Only A $9000 Fee To Join

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Facebook has become too crowded and too mundane. With around 1.3 billion Facebook users, it’s understandable to be overwhelmed by everything and want to get away from it all. However, unlik [..] View

NASA To Award Contract For Space Taxis To Boeing And SpaceX

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 NASA plans to award a much-anticipated, multibillion-dollar contract to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station to both Boeing and SpaceX, according a person familiar with the process. View

American Man Indicted For Supporting ISIS

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Federal prosecutors Tuesday charged a Rochester, New York man with trying to recruit people to join the ISIS terror group overseas and to shoot people in the United States, including Shia Muslims and [..] View

Apple’s Two-Factor Authentication Now Protects iCloud Backups

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Apple has put fixes in place to its iCloud cloud storage service that now prevent an attacker from mining data from an iOS device backup stored in the cloud by gaining access to the user& [..] View

Report: Joan Rivers' Doctor Took A Selfie While She Was Under Anesthesia

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 A staff member at Manhattan's Yorkville Endoscopy clinic told investigators that the doctor, who has not been publicly identified, took a selfie photo in the procedure room while Rivers was under anes [..] View

Yahoo Slams New 'Digital Will' Law

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 What do you think should happen to your personal digital assets after you die? What should happen to your personal digital communications—emails, chats, photos and the like—afte [..] View

Comcast: Rumor That It Disconnects Tor Users "Wildly Inaccurate"

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Comcast says that they do not monitor users' browser software or web surfing and has no policy against Tor. But the latest accusation leveled against Comcast—that it is threatening to di [..] View

Round 2 Of Microsoft Layoffs Coming September 18th

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Another round of layoffs starts this Thursday because, you know, buying Minecraft wasn't cheap. Microsoft officials said in July that the company would be realigning its worldwide workforce by cut [..] View

Micron SSD Advances the Portable Computing Experience

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Micron Technology, Inc., today announced a next-generation, client-class solid state drive (SSD) that sets a new bar for low-power, high-performance storage for personal computers. The M600 SATA SSD&a [..] View

Sony Admits PS4 Hardware Is No Longer 'Top of the Line'

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 I'm going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume he was talking about console hardware only when he said "top of the line." "The hardware is no longer top of the line, [..] View

Logitech Gold Box Deal of the Day

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 Logitech Gold Box Deal of the Day features up to 60% off select Logitech PC accessories and peripherals. Here's a list of just a few of the items on sale: Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard k400r wit [..] View

China Has 'No Cell Phone' Pedestrian Lanes

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 We could definitely use some no cell phone pedestrian lanes here in the U.S., and I'm not just talking about sidewalks either. We should put them in stores, malls, and schools, just to name a few. [..] View

Corsair Graphite 780T

1:01 am, September 17, 2014 The fellas over at techPowerUP! just put the finishing touches on their review of the Corsair Graphite 780T today. For comparison purposes, you can see our evaluation here. Corsair advertises the G [..] View

Schizophrenia Is Not a Single Disease

1:01 pm, September 16, 2014 An anonymous reader writes: New research from Washington University has found that the condition known as schizophrenia is not just a single disease, but instead a collection of eight different disord [..] View

The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

1:01 pm, September 16, 2014 An anonymous reader writes: Multiplayer modes used to be an extra part of most games — an optional addition that the developers could build (or not) as they saw fit. These days, it's differe [..] View

MIT's Cheetah Robot Runs Untethered

1:01 pm, September 16, 2014 An anonymous reader writes: It's easy to make a robot walk, but hard to keep it from falling over. We've seen a number of crazy robot prototypes, but they're usually tethered and/or stuck on a treadmi [..] View

Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't

1:01 pm, September 16, 2014 snydeq writes: Faster innovation, better security, new markets — the case for opening Swift might be more compelling than Apple will admit, writes Peter Wayner. "In recent years, creato [..] View

NSW Police Named as FinFisher Spyware Users

1:01 pm, September 16, 2014 Bismillah writes Wikileaks' latest release of documents shows that the Australian New South Wales police force has spent millions on licenses for the FinFisher set of law enforcement spy- and malware [..] View

AT&T Proposes Net Neutrality Compromise

1:01 pm, September 16, 2014 An anonymous reader writes: The net neutrality debate has been pretty binary: ISPs want the ability to create so-called "fast lanes," and consumers want all traffic to be treated equally. No [..] View

Intel Developers Gain Recognition for Internet of Things Water Conservation App.

1:01 pm, September 16, 2014 A team of engineers from the Intel Services group placed first at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 hackathon for an application they created called Shower with Friends. Built using an Intel® Galile [..] View

AMD Appoints Joseph A. Householder to Board of Directors

1:01 pm, September 16, 2014 AMD today announced the appointment of Joseph A. Householder, 59, to its board of directors along with positions on the board's Audit and Finance, and Nominating and Corporate Governance committees. H [..] View

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